GMT+3 22:35
  • (Français) Post-Expos 2015 : Le Sg de l’UPAP présent aux travaux
  • World Post Day 2015: The Message from the Director General of UPU
  • TCRA pledges sustained close ties with PAPU
  • PAPU Secretary General’s Audiences
  • Ministerial round table on advancing sustainable development in Africa by leveraging postal networks
  • (Français) Addis-Abeba : L’Afrique centrale harmonise ses positions dans le domaine des TIC
  • Major initiative to leverage postal infrastructure for socio-economic development in Africa
  • (Français) Visite du Sg à Kinshasa : ce qu’ils ont dit
  • PAPU Secretary General in official visit in Kinshasa
  • CAMPOST: The quality of award-winning service to the UPU

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