Siège de l'Union Panafricaine des Postes(UPAP)
  • Postal CEOs meet in Cairo to tackle transformation of the sector
  • Development: UPU Director General unpacks Ecom@africa project in Cameroon
  • French-speaking posts immerse themselves in digital financial services and financial inclusion
  • PAPU welcomes Morocco back to the fold
  • The first Forum of Postal Regulators was held in Nairobi
  • Nairobi hosted the 36th session of the PAPU Administrative Council
  • Date set for 36th PAPU Administrative Council Meeting
  • (Français) Projet Ecom@Africa: Accord parfait entre la Tunisie et l’Union postale universelle
  • PAPU Day 2017: Tailoring Congo’s post to technological developments
  • Cameroon celebrates PAPU Day against a backdrop of lessons…

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