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Programme of action

The Programme of activities for 2015/2016 has been prepared in line with the decisions of the 8th Ordinary Session of the Plenipotentiary Conference, the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Administrative Council and the 1st Extra-ordinary session of the Administrative and Technical Committees. From these decisions that are focused on achieving the Doha Postal Strategy and the Regional Development Plan for Africa 2013-2016, the following broad objectives were arrived at, in line with the Vision, Mission and strategic objectives of the Union, as well as the quadrennial programme of action for 2012-2016:

  • Development of appropriate marketing strategies for postal products
  • Quality of service improvement
  • Use of ICTs to improve the range and quality of postal products and services
  • Capacity building
  • Promoting the growth of SMEs through the 3 dimensional postal network
  • Postal security and revenue protection
  • Postal reform and regulation
  • Strategies for sustainable postal development

This year’s theme “The Post: a catalyst for socio-economic development” is relevant to the above broad strategic objectives. Therefore, the 2015/2016 Programme of activities is formulated on this basis. Thanks to the collaboration between PAPU and stakeholders, notably, AU, UPU and Member states, we successfully implemented …% of the activities of the 2014/2015 Programme. Only one activity has been carried forward, namely, Training workshop on International Mail Routeing and Conveyance, due to time constraints. This has now been planned for implementation in September 2015.

Draft programme of activities 2015-2016 – Annex IV MB Report