The Administrative Council

The Administrative Council, which reports to the Conference, runs the affairs of the Union between Conferences. It meets annually. The Council’s work is supported by Administrative and Technical Committees that address a wide range of development issues affecting postal services as follows:

–          Development of ICTs and modernization of postal services and financial services;

–          Improvement of quality of service, mail transportation and security of the postal network;

–          Key Universal Postal Union thematic issues and how the African continent can safeguard its interests in the global arena;

–          Postal development, international cooperation and development of human resources;

–          Philately development and promotion in Africa;

–          Formulation, implementation and evaluation of Postal Strategy, Reform and Regulation as well as issues related to the Union’s Acts.

The General Secretariat as the third permanent organ of the Union plays the critical role of coordination and implementation of the decisions of all the above organs.

For the 2016-2020 cycle, the AC members are:

Administrative Council 2016-2020

  1. Burkina Faso
  2. Cameroon
  3. Chad
  4. Congo Republic
  5. Côte d’Ivoire
  6. Egypt
  7. Gabon
  8. Kenya
  9. Madagascar
  10. Mali
  11. Mozambique
  12. Niger
  13. Nigeria
  14. Senegal
  15. Sudan
  16. Tanzania
  17. Tunisia
  18. Uganda
  19. Zambia
  20. Zimbabwe

Three (3) Technical Committees since 2016, are working under the Administrative Council, namely:

–          The “Operations and Technology” Committee. The “Operations and Technology” Committee shall focus on issues related to physical services, e-services and e-commerce, as well as financial services and financial inclusion.

–          The “Policy, Strategy and Governance” Committee. The “Policy, Strategy and Governance” Committee shall address issues on strategy, reform, regulation and legal instruments of the Union.

–          The “Administration and Finance” Committee. As its name indicates, the “Administration and Finance” Committee will handle administrative and financial matters.

The possible solution to engage the maximum number of employees in a common workflow, it is necessary to provide the highest match of the employees’ and organization’s objectives.

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